June Morrow, Owner and Master Trainer

Voted 2008 BEST Trainer

Voted 2014 Best Personal Trainer Award 

Serving Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Hutto  with Boot Camps and Personal Training. 

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June Morrow, mother of two, is a highly respected authority in personal training for overall health and fitness, with more than 20 years experience and success as a Round Rock personal trainer, 25 years experience as group instructor, and another 15 years as a bootcamp trainer.  I  also  developed the exclusive SWAT Cedar Park Boot camps, Beach Body cedar park Boot Camp, and, Bridal Boot camps as seen on KEYE and KXAN, and now the hottest workouts: Tabatas and Tornado Training. 

I practice what I preach.  I am an exception personal trainer and give 100% to my clients. I have an excellent knowledge base on anatomy, nutrition, injury prevention, hormones, and ongoing relationship with other health providers such as Doctors, Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, and Physical therapists.

My passion for fitness is a strong quality for motivating clients.  I am dedicated to helping people achieve healthy, fit lifestyle to look and feel their best.  It is very rewarding to know I have a positive impact on peoples lives and their self-esteem.�

I have taught the Cedar Park boot camps at the williamson county park for 10 years.

I have traveled the U.S. as an ACE and AFAA workshop presentator providing other Group X instructors with continuing education credits.

  1500 A.W. Grimes Blvd #150, Round Rock, TX 78664 (AW Grimes and Gattis School)

Credentials/ Education
Bachelor of Science from SUNY New Paltz, New York
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise
Certified Group Exercise, American Council on Exercise
Certified Spinning Instructor, Madd Dogg Athletics - 15 Yrs
Certified STEP Reebok & AFAA Instructor
Certified Pre/Post Natal: Sara Kooperman, JD.
Registered Massage Therapist, Licensed by the state of Texas.


Article Written/Featured
Austin Family Magazine: Family Fitness, May 2004
Austin Fit Magazine: June 2004
Austin Fit Magazine: Feb 2006
Austin Fit Magazine: Nov 2006: Fitness on a budget
Austin Woman; Nov 2007: Alternatives to your usual workouts, p 20

TV Features
May 2005: KEYE, Bridal Bootcamp 
July 2005: KXAN, S.W.A.T. Fit-Camp

Other success / information
Sell S.W.A.T. Boot camp workouts worldwide
ACE and AFAA workshop presentator for 5 years


Recent  and Current Study

  • Controversy of pulling exercises ~ Mark Stone, CHEK Institute
  • Off Season Strength Training Triathletes ~ JC Santana MEd,CSCS
  • S.A.F.E.  Kettlebell Training ~ Silverman & Carranza
  • Essence of Stability Ball Training~ JC Santana MEd,CSCS
  • Watch-em Move ~ JC Santana MEd,CSCS
  • Secrets Joint Mobility ~ Nick Tumminello
  • Functional Anatomy to Improve Functional movement ~ Mark Stone, CHEK Institute


  • Spinning Fearless Climb ~ Elizabeth Hoffmann
  • Body Image ~ Misty Tripoli
  • Winning at Losing ~ Scott Josephson M.S.,R.D., Advisory board sport nutrition 2010 winter Olympic games
  • Kettlebell train Ironworks ~ Silverman & Carranza
  • M.E.L.T. Method ~ Sue Hitzmann MS, CST, NMT
  • Power Develop for PT & GF ~ Mike Boyle: consultant for NFL, NHL, & US women Olympic Teams
  • Advance Cardio Principles ~ Douglas Brooks, M.S.
  • Mastering Metabolism ~ Scott Josephson M.S.,R.D., Advisory board sport nutrition 2010  Olympic games

  • South Beach Bootcamp � Lisa Gaylord
  • Self defense for your clients �Lisa Gaylord (7th degree black belt and weapon specialist)
  • Kick your bootie bootcamp �Abbie Appel  REEBOK Master Trainer
  • Can you feel what I see � Robert Sherman
  • Creating demand for your PT services � Nicki Anderson
  • Body Bar even more Hard Core � Sherry Catlin
  • No Bones about it � Scott Josephson M.S.,R.D
  • Eating for everyday living � Teri Gentes
  • Body bar industrial strength � Sherry Catlin
  • Spinning energy sampler � Scott Schlesinger
  • Nutrient timing: future of peak performance - Len Kravitz PhD
  • Female training advantage �Len Kravitz PhD
  • Scientific shoulder training � CHEK INTSTITUTE
  • Body bar seriously strong � Sherry Catlin
  • Strategies to enhance fat Metabolism � Len Kravitz PhD

  • Bootcamp on USS Midway, San Diego
  • Shoulder Solutions; Don Bahnerman, MS
  • Exercise & Menopause; Jan Schroeder, PhD
  • Squatology 1001; L. Parracino
  • Female Chain Reaction; Core Conversion: Christina Christie, PT
  • Unique look at the knee joint; Greg Roskopf, MA
  • Nautilus Institute Metabolic Training; Don Bahnerman, MS
  • 100 Best sports drills; John Blievernicht, MA

  • All Ball Training; Carlos Santana MEd,CSCS
  • Non Diet reasons for weight gain; C Simontacchi
  • Design Killer Programs 4 Killer Results; Carlos Santana MEd,CSCS
  • Exercise & Stress Management; P. Chek NMT,HHP
  • Circuit sensations by Bosu; K. Roberts
  • Hormones: A critical link; P. Chek NMT,HHP
  • Spinning High Intensity Training; J. Klau
  • Spinning Fit Variables for Effective Training; J. Klau
  • Body Bar Ultimate Strength; S. Catlin
  • South Beach Bootcamp; Lisa Gaylord

  • Better Butt, Better Back; Paul Chek NMT,HHP
  • Back Strong & Belt less; Paul Chek NMT,HHP
  • Metabolic Mill; Giba Ambrogi
  • Eating for Optimal Performance
  • Spinning
  • Coaching for Empowerment
  • Pregnancy the FITT Way
  • Pedal Stroke
  • 8-Week Weight Loss
  • Periodization of Training & Nutrition: JC Santana MEd,CSCS
  • Squatology: Paul Chek, NMT,HHP
  • Weight Management for women: Len Kravitz PhD
  • Exercise after-Burn: Len Kravitz PhD
  • BOSU Drills for PT: Douglas Brooks, M.S.

  • Approach to Nutrition: Paul Chek NMT,HHP
  • Understanding Resistance: Douglas Brooks , M.S
  • Hard Core Abdominal and Back: Sherry Catlin
  • Cardio Training Recipes for your clients: Douglas Brooks M.S
  • Stress Connection to Weight Gain: Carol Simontacchi
  • Scientific Shoulder Training: Paul Chek NMT,HHP
  • BOSU Athletic Conditioning: Douglas Brooks M.S
  • Fat Metabolism: Len Kravitz PhD
  • Nutrition for Peak Performance: Dominique Adair
  • Golf Biomechanics: Paul Chek NMT,HHP

Continuing Professional Education through...
  • National Organization of Fitness Instructor (IDEA)
  • ECA Miami Fitness and sport convention
  • Madd Dogg athletics, spinning
  • Chek Institution
Serving Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park and Hutto Tx with Boot Camps and personal training. 

"I enjoy working out with June. She challenges me and gives me a varied program to work through. I like the results that I have attained and will continue to work with her."
- Dr. Rafael A. de Haro, Wyoming Springs Pediatrics, Round Rock

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