S.W.A.T. Fit-Camp,  Round Rock  Boot Camp


Voted 2008 BEST Cedar Park Boot camp in Texas by Competitor Magazine

2 Locations: 
  1150 Satellite View, Round Rock, TX 78665  (AW Grimes & University)
 1500 A.W. Grimes Blvd #150, Round Rock, TX 78664 (AW Grimes and Gattis School)

SWAT Boot camp  is  exceptional!  It is a co-ed fast pace, intense, extremely unique in our exercise selection and techniques. Our Cedar Park, Leander, and Round Rock boot camps ROCK! 

SWAT is a blend of traditinal bootcamps plus crossfit and our own unqie ideas designed for all fitness levels that produces dramatic results with safety.  We have a very high retention rate and returning clients.  We add the personal touch by providing some customizing as needed.

Don't be fooled by imitators or the inexperienced.  We are the #1  boot camp..   We have been and remain the leader in Cedar Park & Round Rock fitness boot camps.  As seen on KXAN, we've been running these Cedar Park boot camps and Round Rock Boot camps since 1999.  We have the experience of working with thousands of participants  and we are the premier leaders in boot camp fitness and weight loss.   

Our boot camps are a combination of crossfit, tabatas, unique bootcamp plus the most current metabolic training out there.   Shape your arms, legs, & glutes; strengthen, tighten & flatten your abdominal & back muscles as well as losing weight and encourage personal improvement.  Participates are encouraged to work with others but compete only against themselves for the best results!
Your CEDAR PARK boot camp trainer will push you to YOUR limit. Expert fitness trainers care about your health and safety and will modify your workouts so any pre-existing injuries don't hold you back from attaining your best body now.  RESULTS GUARANTEED!

 All fitness levels welcome! 

Cedar Park boot camp is held at the beautiful Wilco park.  We have had an exclusive agreement with the park for over 10 years.

Never any plateaus, as your fitness increases so does your workout intensity!

What types of exercises are done in our boot camps in Cedar Park and Round Rock?
  • Calisthenics; Sports Drills, partner drills
  • Most unique body weight exercises under the fitness umbrella
  • The exclusive Power SWAT Suspending straps
  • Effective aggressive Core &  Abdominal,
  • Toughest and most uniquie leg & glutes exercises guaranteed to drop you
  • upper body exercises to push you to the limit
  • Strength training: have 500# of Dumbbells, 1000# of sandbags, tubing & 40+ medicine balls
  • Plus much much more!

 Where is are our  SWAT Cedar Park Boot camp held?
Where are our SWAT Round Rock Boot camps held?

What was your favorite part of the Fit-Camp program?

"The trainers! They make the workouts fun, exciting, and each class is a new challenge."
- Nicole, 29

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