Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring to the Round Rock boot camp or Cedar Park Boot Camp?
A: Just a large towel and lots of water.

Q: If I miss a  boot camp can I make it up?
A: You must provide 24 hours notice to be eligible for a boot camp make up.  Make ups are not guaranteed at your primary location.  June/your trainer will advise as to where/when make up is offered and must be use within your enrollment period or it is considered used.

Q: Are refunds available?
A: Only for those Cedar Park boot camps, Austin bootcamps, or Round Rock Boot camp where we must cancel due to low enrollment. Otherwise absolutely no refunds, credit vouchers only.

Q: Can I make up missed boot camp after the end of my enrollment period?
A: Not as a rule. We evaluate each client on an individual bases, If an extension is authorized, it is added on the next paid enrollment.

Q For injuries, surgery, or hospitalization, how is my enrollment handled?
A. MEDICAL matters must be reported to us immediately. Your credit voucher or exception will be issued as of the day you notify us.  Flu, colds, allergies, kids sick, etc do not qualify with or without a doctor’s letter. Extension or credit voucher = number of camps remaining from the notification date to the enrollment end date.

Q. How many people are enrolled in each Cedar Park boot camp or Round Rock Boot camp?
A. An average boot camps is 8 to 15 participates per one trainer.

Q: If the boot camp is canceled by the fitness trainer or due to bad weather, will the session be rescheduled?
A: Yes, it will be added on the end of your enrollment period.

Q: Are the boot camps canceled when weather is bad?
A: When bad weather cancels threatens a camp, the trainer will cancel and post a message on the hotline number. (663-3481)

Q: Do I need to arrive early to warmup?
A: Yes, it is required & we recommend 5 to 10 minutes of walking or lite jogging to warm up.

Q: If I arrive late, can I still join the boot camp?
A: Yes, but your boot camp trainer will require you to warm up before joining the group. Keep in mind, you disrupt the class when you arrive late and it is not fair to those who arrived on time.

Q: Can I wear any sneakers/athletic shoes?
A: You will need a good pair of crosstrainers or running shoes. No walking or sketchers.

Q: Is gross misconduct tolerated?
A: NO, Intoxication, Fighting, Foul Language, Mind altering drugs, or any other behavior offensive or disruptive to others will result in termination with NO refund.

What initially got you interested in boot camp?

"I really liked the idea of training outdoors and using basic skills, such as running, lunges, push ups, body resistance, etc. instead of being cooped up inside a gym on expensive machines that work only isolated muscle groups."
- Karen, 30

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