"Best trainer I've used in 3 states and multiple venues in each one! You ROCK June!"
- Gina Tracy

“Over the past year I have participated in several different bootcamp programs around the city. I needed help with increasing my fitness level and staying fit. I had reached a plateau with my own exercise regime and needed a program with results.  I joined Lean Images SWAT Fit camp and loved that the instructor would tailor all the workouts to each and every individual’s fitness level.  The instructor was enthusiastic, hard core and kept everyone on task to maximize the potential strength of each participant.  I look forward to re-enrolling in SWAT FIT CAMP again!”
- Julie C

“Carole is an amazing trainer!! Tough but fair, she really pays attention to each individual's limits.  Her ability to motivate and her boundless energy really makes 1 hour fly by.” 
- John Spano

"It’s funny how something so challenging can be so addictive!" 
- Sarah

“S.W.A.T. is better than I had hoped, and I had high expectations going into this camp. The workouts are always varied, so you never get bored. The intensity levels are adapted to each individual, so they constantly keep pushing you do more than you did before. June and Carol are the best personal trainers I've ever had, and I've been to quite a few.

What makes them great is that they love what they do, care about everyone, are very knowledgeable and always fun and motivating. I am starting to see the results in the mirror and the clothes that I wear. I'm having a blast and hope to keep doing these camps as part of a regular workout routine. Try at least one camp and I know you'll be hooked. They will get you to where you want to go with your health goals.

- Tracy Simmons

"It has been three years since I placed myself in June's hands to keep me in physical shape. It has been the best decision I ever made as I've not only benefited physically, but it has improved my stamina, reduced my stress level and has been a crucial part in my recovery after two knee surgeries.

Having recently gone through knee surgery, June provided a workout that would allow me to continue working out my upper body and core while rehabbing my knee which was very important to me. Even before the surgery, she ensured that anything I did in the studio would not further damage my knee and help me to follow the doctor's instructions for rehab both before and after the surgery.

The workouts are structured in a way that allows me to increase my strength and endurance gradually and above all, safely. June is very supportive and encouraging and I have come to rely and appreciate on her advice when it comes to healthy eating habits, conducting safe but structured workouts when I'm not in the studio, and asking important questions of my doctors when recovering from surgery and understanding my limitations during that time.
 For as long as she's willing to be my personal trainer/instructor, I will continue my training with June. She's the best!"

- Ingrid Gardner

"I signed up for SwatFit because I don't have the motivation do make myself workout. Before going to my first classes, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it, or even continue with the program. But after attending the first week I really enjoyed it! First of all, it gets me outside and moving. I get to be around other people. And best of all, I'm challenged by the workouts and the trainers really push you. I think it's great to share the cost of a real trainer for one hour with other people. You still get the personal attention needed to push yourself, yet you don't have to pay $100 +/- a session.
So far I've lost inches,  and gaining muscle. I feel stronger and have more self confidence. I'm building stamina and can lift heavier items which I feel really good about. Thanks June and Carol!"
- Amanda

“I have been weight lifting for many years and have seen small increases in strength along the way.  I am in my 4th week bootcamp with June and I cannot believe the increase in strength and stamina already!  I am hooked!!”
- Janet Fletcher

“I really like the motivational attitude that June has.  She's not all in your face but says just the right things to make you feel guilty for not working hard enough!
I like the laid back attitude of the inside group workouts. It’s not so structured that you can't have fun while getting a good workout.”

- Suzanne Sims

“I've done a number of different boot camps in Austin, TX and SWAT Fit Camp is by far the best in Austin. SWAT Fit Camp is the toughest camp, taught by the best trainers, who successfully challenge every single person in the camp, regardless of their fitness level. As a lifelong soccer player, I recommend this boot camp for experienced athletes as well as those people new to training. Carol was able to challenge me at camp while also training both of my parents - who lost a lot of weight and changed their diet as a result of the boot camp. I am such a fan of SWAT, I've been a camper for 2 years! It is the best workout in town and Carol, Bobby and June have helped me with everything from recovering from ACL surgery and now they're helping me get in shape for my wedding. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my fitness - these trainers are the absolute, #1 best in the Austin area.
- Dana Price

"I love my results! lost 25 pounds, 8% bodyfat and 3 dress sizes. June teaches correct form and intensity. She is very big on increasing metabolic rates to keep the body burning calories and fat all the time... it has been 2 years and i have maintained my results. This was a life changing experience for me.... i highly recommend her and she is worth every dime, sweat, tear, and effort!"
- Mary J

 "Carol's enthusiasm, energy and constant encouragement sustained my husband and I through these uber-challenging workouts!  She was able to modify exercises to accommodate injuries, and the fact that I was 55 in a group with 20 and 30 year olds! The group atmosphere was also very motivating. I gained confidence and lost inches & weight.”  (attended with husband Paul)" 
- Judith Sloan-Price

"June's training is transforming me into a strong woman both on the outside and inside! When I met with her I could barely lift any weights. Today I see progress and increase in my abilities. What an accomplishment this is for me! She's an amazing woman as well - always inspiring me to push towards my goals - and challenging me to be everything I can be! If anyone has doubts - I say GO for IT - you will not be disappointed! I highly recommend June Morrow she is worth every penny!"
- April Tanksley, 31, Round Rock, TX

“I watched a good friend of mine (Susan Patterson) lose 50+/- pounds on this program. Not only was I impressed with the results that were evident in her physical appearance but also there were internal changes.  She was more self confident, more energetic and overall seemed happier.  Who wouldn’t want that in their life? And she looked GREAT!”
- Terri, 42

“I’ve been going to the gym on and off for years.  I got very bored “lifting heavy things”.  It felt silly and forced.  My body didn’t feel challenged any more but, at the same time, I wanted a simpler approach.  I recalled playing soccer as a teenager and how the running, sprinting, and maneuvering naturally molded my body.   I wanted to return to that more natural style of fitness, but I knew that I couldn’t do it alone.”
- Darla, 26

“I really liked the idea of training outdoors and using basic skills, such as running, lunges, push ups, body resistance, etc. instead of being cooped up inside a gym on expensive machines that work only isolated muscle groups.
- Karen, 30

“The trainers are my favorite part of the Fit-Camp program! They make the workouts fun, exciting, and each class is a new challenge.”  
 Nicole, 29

“My goal was to improve my cardio capacity, and to shape and tone all over.  With June’s help, these goals were achieved.  I can’t wait for my next 6 week session!” 
– Terri, 42

“In 12 weeks I reduced my bodyfat by 8%, went from a size 14 to 8, and I actually have abs!”
– Christie, 35 

“I lost 50 pounds in 5 months.  I did everything I was told to do and IT WORKED!” 
– Susan, 53

“In 12 weeks I reduced my bodyfat by 8%, went from a size 14 to 8, and I actually have abs!"
 – Christie, 35

“When I started Boot Camp, I could barely make it around the track once.  I now run between 6-8 miles per week!" 
- Darla, 26

“I’ve gone down two sizes in my pants, lost 10% body fat and feel much more confident in my ability to workout and am now training for a half marathon.”
– Rebecca, 45

“Before working out with June, I couldn't even run a mile.  In less than four weeks I was able to run several miles and at 11 minutes or less!” 
– Mary, 39

"I enjoy working out with June. She challenges me and gives me a varied program to work through. I like the results that I have attained and will continue to work with her." 
- Dr. Rafael A. de Haro, Wyoming Springs Pediatrics, Round Rock

“I had just had a baby and needed to loose the baby fat.”
- Denise, 37

"I couldn't afford to hire a trainer for one-on-one sessions, and Boot Camp was a great way to get some individual attention without the high price.  I also especially enjoyed being outdoors and watching the sunset while exercising!" 
- Darla, 26

What results have you seen from Fit-Camp?

"When I started Boot Camp, I could barely make it around the track once. I now run between 6-8 miles per week!"
- Darla, 26

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