Bridal Results

November Wedding 



Tina has been my client for more than 2 years; she came in 2006 and obtained her goals within less than 6 months. She maintained her results with some maintenance on her own and with a boot camp in 2007 & 2008. She enrolled in the 12 week bridal bootcamp just before her wedding so she would look her best. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Before After Results
Weight 135 110 -25
Bodyfat 33% 14% -19%
8/10 0/2 -4.

 - Lose weight and bodyfat
 - Reduce inches off thigh
 - Arm and Ab definition


May Wedding

“Thanks to June, I was able to wear the wedding dress of my dreams. She created a customized program just for me that allowed me to gain results that exceeded my expectations. June is flexible, accommodating and is affordable, exactly what a busy bride needs.

I looked and felt the best I ever have on my wedding day.  It was the best investment I could have made for my wedding and my health. I recommend her to anyone wanting lasting results.”

 - Lose inches
 - Reduce body fat
 - Upper body definition
 - Look great in wedding dress

 - Lost 7 inches
 - Reduced 12% body fat
 - Arms, back, & shoulders definition
 - Decreased 2 dress sizes

June Wedding

 - Gained 14.9 lbs. of muscle
 - Reduced 14% body fat (-21.4 lbs.)
 - Arms, back, & shoulders definition
 - Decreased 2 dress sizes
Training Program
 - 3x/wk - strength & personal    training
 - 4x week - Fitcamp & running
 - Updated nutrition program

 - Lose inches
 - Reduce body fat
 - Define upper and lower body
 - Define abs


October Wedding

“I have always struggled to keep exercising regularly and to push myself when I did exercise to create lasting results. But Lean Images Bridal Fit-Camp has changed all that - I have been able to push myself harder and work out consistently through the program and I am now in the best shape of my life.”

 - Gain muscle
 - Reduce body fat
 - Tone and firm
 - Reduce stress for wedding

 - Lost 6 pounds of body fat
 - Gained 3 pounds of muscle


Amanda, 28

4 Week Results!

Before After Results
Bodyfat 27.5% 24.7% -3%
Fat lost


Muscle Gained


What initially got you interested in boot camp?

"I watched a good friend of mine (Susan Patterson) lose 50+/- pounds on this program. Not only was I impressed with the results that were evident in her physical appearance but also there were internal changes. She was more self confident, more energetic and overall seemed happier. Who wouldn't want that in their life? And she looked GREAT!"
- Terri, 42

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