Bridal Results

November Wedding 



Tina has been my client for more than 2 years; she came in 2006 and obtained her goals within less than 6 months. She maintained her results with some maintenance on her own and with a boot camp in 2007 & 2008. She enrolled in the 12 week bridal bootcamp just before her wedding so she would look her best. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Before After Results
Weight 135 110 -25
Bodyfat 33% 14% -19%
8/10 0/2 -4.

 - Lose weight and bodyfat
 - Reduce inches off thigh
 - Arm and Ab definition


May Wedding

“Thanks to June, I was able to wear the wedding dress of my dreams. She created a customized program just for me that allowed me to gain results that exceeded my expectations. June is flexible, accommodating and is affordable, exactly what a busy bride needs.

I looked and felt the best I ever have on my wedding day.  It was the best investment I could have made for my wedding and my health. I recommend her to anyone wanting lasting results.”

 - Lose inches
 - Reduce body fat
 - Upper body definition
 - Look great in wedding dress

 - Lost 7 inches
 - Reduced 12% body fat
 - Arms, back, & shoulders definition
 - Decreased 2 dress sizes

June Wedding

 - Gained 14.9 lbs. of muscle
 - Reduced 14% body fat (-21.4 lbs.)
 - Arms, back, & shoulders definition
 - Decreased 2 dress sizes
Training Program
 - 3x/wk - strength & personal    training
 - 4x week - Fitcamp & running
 - Updated nutrition program

 - Lose inches
 - Reduce body fat
 - Define upper and lower body
 - Define abs


October Wedding

“I have always struggled to keep exercising regularly and to push myself when I did exercise to create lasting results. But Lean Images Bridal Fit-Camp has changed all that - I have been able to push myself harder and work out consistently through the program and I am now in the best shape of my life.”

 - Gain muscle
 - Reduce body fat
 - Tone and firm
 - Reduce stress for wedding

 - Lost 6 pounds of body fat
 - Gained 3 pounds of muscle


Amanda, 28

4 Week Results!

Before After Results
Bodyfat 27.5% 24.7% -3%
Fat lost


Muscle Gained


What was your favorite part of the Fit-Camp program?

"The best part about it, is that we do a variety of things that keeps it interesting and it works all parts of your body."
- Denise, 37

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