Strength, Abs, & Core Training (Small group personal Training)

The focus is to work the large muscles to increase metabolic rate and also strengthen smaller supporting muscles using core and stability techniques. 

Other than the warm-up, there is no cardio. It is all strength, abs, and core. Weights will burn more calories, decrease body fat, increase metabolic rate, and tone, tighten, and define the body

This program will:

  • Increase metabolic rate so you burn more calories and body fat
  • Increase overall strength and endurance
  • Learn proper technique
  • Firm, tone and reshape the Entire Body!
  • Strengthen the deep abs and muscle of the back that support the spine
  • Reduce back injuries from everyone living
Modifications are offered for those less fit~ all levels welcome

What types of exercises are included?

  • Lots of Strength for upper and lower body
  • Exercises that active the core/Abs (back and deep ab muscles)
  • Machines and cable pulley (in studio), Dumbbells, Bodybars, med balls, resistant tubing, and body weight for muscles of the entire body.
  • Unique exercises for Balance & Core using various balancing tools
2 Locations: 
1150 Satellite View, Round Rock, TX 78665  (AW Grimes & University)
1500 A.W. Grimes Blvd #150, Round Rock, TX 78664 (AW Grimes and Gattis School)

What was your favorite part of the Fit-Camp program?

"I couldn't afford to hire a trainer for one-on-one sessions, and Boot Camp was a great way to get some individual attention without the high price. I also especially enjoyed being outdoors and watching the sunset while exercising!"
- Darla, 26

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