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Full Figure Womens' Fitness and weight loss
 Results are waiting for you here... come get them!

  • "June, I appreciate the fact that you have put this class together for Plus Size customers."  Michelle

This program was designed to accommodate full figure women who want to get fit, tone, lose weight keep their curves but do not want to be in gym setting.

Can't lose weight? Frustrated, Feel like it too big of a task to take on?

I can help you get to whatever size you want!It is designed to provide modified level workouts, group support, and a motivational environment.


  • I love bootcamp and Jackie is AWESOME!, Fiona

I have had many request for this type of program.   It reduces "intimidation" from being around a size 6 and you get a personal trainer to share among the class participates.

Goals in this programs  are what ever you want from, being healthlier, tone  and tightening as well weight loss.

This program offers a 20 year experienced trainer to assist you in your journey to a healthy happier person but without the intimidation.   So many options and modifications available to help you reach your goals, feel successful with each workout, and get group support from peers.

  • "I just wanted you to know that I LOVE the class...okay, it's hard and I hate it while I am doing it but when I am finished I feel really proud of myself.  Thanks for having this class and letting us have privacy as we are all working through our weight issues and comfort zones. It's really awesome"  Belinda

What to expect from this program:

Tone and tighten arms, legs, and stomach
Weight loss and lots of inches
Getting started, learning how to exercise properly
Healthier l
ifestyle change you can live with!
Nutrition guidance
Expert professional guidance 
Increase mobility, flexibility, endurance, and energy
Increase self esteem


Types of exercises:

  • Modified sports drills
  • strength and body weight exercises
  • power walking or lite jogging
  • core and abdominals
  • Plus much more

Who can enroll?       1 or more of these criteria:

  • Waist size > 36"
  • Larger than size 14

This is an awesome program, guarantee you will love it and how your look and feel!

What results have you seen from participating in Fit-Camp?

"In 12 weeks I reduced my bodyfat by 8%, went from a size 14 to 8, and I actually have abs!"
- Christie, 35

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