50+ Fitness

This workout is desgned for those over 50 years young.

It will include strength training, Abs, core and back strengthening and stretching (for homework), and some cardiovascuar conditioning.


cardiovascular will help:

  • strengthen heart,
  • reduce risk factors
  • improve cholestrol and resting heart rate


Strength Training to:

  • improve bone density,
  •  joint strength,
  • increase metabolic rate (burn more calories at rest)
  • Help prevent injuries
  • give the body a tighter more youthful appearance


Core, Back, and Abs:

  • Strength back and deep abs muscles
  • Prevent or eliminate back pain
  • Increase mobility for everyday living
  • Improve position
  • Strength bone and muscles that support the spine

What results have you seen from Fit-Camp?

"Before working out with June, I couldn't even run a mile. In less than four weeks I was able to run several miles and at 11 minutes or less!"
- Mary, 39

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