Customized workouts from Austin’s #1 Personal Trainer:

Do you need help putting a workout together?

Do you need help getting started?

Been working out and hit a plateau or need new ideas?

On a tight budget and cannot afford a personal trainer?

These workouts can be designed any way you want them. Workouts can be outside or inside; beginner all the way to advance level. It can be all strength, core, or a mixture. The workout is customized to your goals.

Once you buy from the selections below, you will complete a form giving me more information about you and your goals. From there I will design your program and email it back to you. All workouts are normally 60 to 70 minutes long unless you select the express option.

It is that simple, if you need to buy a session or two of my time to take you thru the workout (Austin area only), just add that to the cart as well.

Increase fitness & weight loss:(Beginner to intermediate)

1 strength workout weekly: $29.95
3 weekly strength workouts: $74.95
3 Express strength & cardio (30 min each) $64.95
2 Bootcamp style workouts $49.95

Fat burning programs: :(Iintermediate to advanced)

5x /week workouts of cardio and/or strength (5 hrs/ week) $99.95
Bootcamp style (5 Hrs weekly) $109.95
Extreme Burn (90 min workouts: 5 or 6 days / wk) $119.95

Other options

Core/ab training 3x a week (20 min each) $39.95
Trainer session – 75 Minutes $74.95